Networking–It’s Not Dead!

by Heiko Junge

Finding a job today can be tough with all the computer applications, tests, resume requirements, screening your resumes electronically for key words and qualifications.

Networking is not dead, it still works. About 80% of people still get hired through people they know. This might be knowing the right person (interviewer), having someone speak up for you (referral), or finding some creative way to meet the interviewer.

When I was a salesman, and wanted to get back into the social services industry, I first applied to many jobs online, like most others. I was busy, and thought the numbers game (quantity) would work in getting me interviews. When I got serious about wanting to get a new job, I read up on how to network. I asked friends to introduce me to people they knew in the social services field, and a week later a friend introduced me to the CEO of a company that didn’t have a job opening. The CEO, however, invited me to tour his facility in Salem, and at the end of the tour, created a part-time job for me. Six weeks later that became a full-time job. This company does online applications.

Come into Job Connection, and let us help you in your job search. We can teach you about networking tips, help connect you to many employers, as well as help you write a resume (which can cost $75 to $300 to find someone online to help you) that has the important key words and qualifications for what you’re looking for, help you apply online, and provide you with many other services for free. We can even assist you in deciding what type of job best fits you!

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    Do I need to schedule an appointment to come in and get some resume help?

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