Top Job Skills to Master in 2017

The world is constantly changing. Technology evolves and advances with time. It’s important that we continue to advance in our knowledge and skills so we can keep up with those changes. It’s vital that in an increasingly competitive job market, you acquire the skills you need to give you an edge over the competition. Here, we’ll outline the top job skills to master in 2017 to give you that advantage.

Computer programming and design skills are highly sought after by employers. According to LinkedIn, cloud and distributed computing is the most marketable job skill you can have. From statistical analysis to mobile development, virtually every skill ranked in LinkedIn’s top ten requires computer knowledge and experience.

You may have little prior experience with computers or software programs. That’s ok. Resources like Goodwill Job Connection offers free Microsoft training to help you get started. Courses will lay the foundation for the type of training you need to acquire these competitive job skills.

For instance, statistical analysis requires collecting and analyzing data, then organizing and presenting that data in a manner that is easily understood by others. Free Microsoft training includes Excel classes to help you quickly compute data. You’ll learn how to create a pivot table, which helps you summarize information from a large data set by computing sums or averages or by performing other functions. This is a crucial job skill not only for statistical analysis, but also for data visualization and other marketable job skills listed in LinkedIn’s top ten.

Once you have learned how to collect and summarize data in Excel, PowerPoint classes will show you how to organize that information as well. You’ll learn how to create bullet-point presentations, charts and graphs, and title slides-everything you need to know to communicate information clearly and effectively.

Acquiring these skills will be especially important in the coming year. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, statisticians and cartographers (those who create maps and charts) are among the top 20 fastest growing occupations. Faster than average job growth in a particular field means there are more available positions and more opportunity in that line of work.

Perhaps data isn’t your thing. If you’re not necessarily tech-savvy, there are still plenty of other skills you can acquire to make you a more attractive job candidate. Content writing and social media skills, such as Facebook marketing, are also in demand right now. Often these skills go hand in hand. For example, knowing how to write well and market yourself will help enhance your social media skills.

In addition to offering Excel and PowerPoint classes, our free Microsoft training includes the full spectrum of Microsoft programs. You’ll learn how to work with Microsoft Outlook and Word as well. Word is an excellent tool to use for both writing and marketing purposes. Learning how to use Word templates to create everything from company newsletters to catalogs and brochures and materials such as resumes and business cards will help you market yourself as the right person for the job. You don’t need to be a design expert to create any of these things. Learn Microsoft tools and this program will help do all of the work for you.

In addition to new skills like mobile development and social media management, there are some core skills that remain high on the list of job skills to master. These include skills like accounting, sales operations, and chat support.

Perhaps you’re not tech-savvy or maybe you’re uninterested in social media. The skills you learn through free Microsoft training are essential business skills you should acquire as they will help you in a number of industries such as sales, finance, and customer service.

For instance, many retails shops are bringing their operations online these days. As more and more people shop online, companies are offering live chat room support to their customers. While customer service is nothing new, the way companies interact with customers is evolving. Chat room support positions are often flexible and may even allow you the opportunity to work from home. But you’ll need some basic computer skills in order to be a qualified candidate for this type of position.

In addition to its list of top skills to get you hired in 2017, LinkedIn has also compiled a list of the year’s most promising careers. There are certainly computer-based jobs such as software engineer and data architect. But there are also positions in other industries such as healthcare, sales, and finance. While these positions may not initially seem to require extensive computer knowledge, practically every career on the list is going to require you have some basic computer skills. Regardless of whether you want to crunch numbers, mine for data, or sell products, a foundational understanding of computers is key.

If you’re looking for a new job or you want to pursue a higher education degree, it’s important to have computer skills that will give you a competitive edge. Instructors offer a supportive and encouraging environment for you to acquire those skills or improve upon the skill set you already have.

If you are interested in this training, Goodwill Job Connection offers classes at all three of its career centers in Vancouver, Portland, and Salem. They also offer courses several times a month at convenient hours. Did we mention it’s also free to enroll?

Learn Microsoft programs and get one step closer to achieving your dream career!

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