The Job Market is Good, But Don’t Get Complacent

It’s easy to feel secure and complacent when you have a great boss, great community, and position you find fulfilling. It can, however, also be detrimental to lose the drive that keeps you hungry and ambitious in the workplace.

When you are complacent in you job you naturally stop pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone. In fact, it will likely cause you to become oblivious to the potential potential economic hazards unpredictably in the marketplace that could quite arise.

But don’t fret. There are many ways to stay active in your field and ready to reach new career goals, even if you already have a job. And one such resource is the Goodwill Career Center.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Oregon’s unemployment rate has remained constant at a low rate of 4.1% since December 2017. While it is great news to have such a low unemployment rate compared to previous years, it’s often unpredictable when the economy will take another downturn.

Entering 2007, the unemployment rate was 5.0%. By the end of 2009 the unemployment rate was a staggering 10.0%, making it the highest rate that that U.S. had seen since 1983. Thousands of people were losing their jobs, and the economy solely relied on government action to change the game.

Unfortunately, when the job market has its ups and downs, it’s the everyday workers who become primary victims of the financial and economic shifts.

Companies may merge, downsize, or set up trade agreements that can force them to cut employees and costs.

Today, the job market is in the favor of the working people, but you don’t want to get complacent.

Here are some tips to help make sure you don’t get too comfortable at your job.

Bring New Ideas to the Forefront

Bring forward your ideas and participate with the company culture Show those in the positions above you that you care and are engaged with the business you work. Get rid of the feeling that you need to hog information to succeed. Instead, share what you know and have faith that your bosses will respect your initiative.

Coming forth with new ideas makes you more irreplaceable to your bosses. Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to bring forward an idea that can tremendously help the company progress and/or retain employees even when times get tough.

Network and Harness Relationships

If you are complacent at your job, you will notice that networking and reaching outside of your immediate social/work sphere is no longer a priority. Real relationships are the ones that are going to pull through during times you need it most, so you need to always be networking and growing your circle of connections.

Harness your relationships. Have coffee or lunch with coworkers you may connect with or those you aren’t able to regularly engage. Show that you care and you may find a loyal community build around you.

Reach out to people you may not have met in person yet. If there is someone you find yourself emailing a lot, ask to meet in person to make that relationship more personal. Go to work events and conferences to see what and who else is out there.

The key to any success is great relationships. Having a solid team around will help create more opportunities to thrive.

Be Hungry to Learn and Take Risks

Risk taking can feel scary, especially if you have something to lose. When you’re complacent in a position, it may feel more burdensome to take risks rather than doing what you know.

However, those who take risks are the ones who reap the most rewards. They can help you become a stronger problem solver and maybe even create new and better ways of performing your daily tasks.

Try to say yes to new adventures. This will make sure you don’t remain idle in your position and that you’re constantly stimulated by new ideas that come around.

Harness your skills and maximize your potential.

Stay on Top of What’s Happening in Your Industry

Industries are always changing. With new applications and technology constantly being developed, we can’t assume that we know everything about our field. You want to know more of not only what’s happening in your company, but what’s happening in your industry as a whole.

There are plenty of magazines or blogs that spark conversations of the future. Be part of the conversation instead of a victim to it.

You can also reach out to a specialists at our Goodwill Career Center. Not only can we help as you keep your resume up-to-date, and ensure your interview skills stay on point, but we can share the new skills we see employers seeking in your field of work.

Seek New Day-to-Day Experiences

Try to catch yourself so you’re not doing the same thing over and over again. This could be joining a different crew for lunch, trying new techniques in getting something done, or asking your boss for new work.

All of these tips may seem unnecessary, but they will help you in making sure that you’re still growing and enjoy your position. The job market may be good for now, but anything can happen and the best way to prepare is to sharpen your skills and be open to new opportunities, even within the company where you’re currently employed.

And don’t forget to utilize tools such like Goodwill Career Center to help prepare you to live up to your career potential as we can refer you to even more networking events and upcoming career fairs.

The job market is constantly changing, and just because it’s good now doesn’t mean it will last forever. Avoid complacency and push yourself to be prepared for anything that may come your way.




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