5 Ways to Land a Receptionist Job in Vancouver

At Goodwill Job Connection, we want to help you find a job that matches your skill set and abilities. There are many jobs in Vancouver, WA from which to choose. A great option for those with or without experience is a receptionist position. Working as a receptionist is a great way to begin your career, […]

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The Job Market is Good, But Don’t Get Complacent

It’s easy to feel secure and complacent when you have a great boss, great community, and position you find fulfilling. It can, however, also be detrimental to lose the drive that keeps you hungry and ambitious in the workplace. When you are complacent in you job you naturally stop pushing yourself outside of your comfort […]

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The Most Important Elements of a Cover Letter

When looking for a new job you should take all the advice you can get. If there was ever a time to listen to others about untapped resources and networks, now is the time. And one of those resources that you might not know about yet is Goodwill Job Connection. That’s right! Goodwill isn’t just […]

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Free Ways to Learn New Skills

In a competitive job market and a time when the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics is reporting an unchanged unemployment rate at 4.1 percent, any edge you have over the next candidate could be the difference between getting an offer or, remaining in job search. Learning a new skill is also great for keeping the […]

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6 Tips to Negotiate Once You Get the Job Offer

You’ve been hard at work on the job search for a while. You have approached an organization like Goodwill Job Connection to match you an open position. You’ve made sure your resume is up to date and you’ve carefully studied the work that prospective companies will expect you to perform. You have taken care to […]

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The Massive Value of a Completed LinkedIn Profile

You need to access all resources available to you when you are looking for a new job. You can’t rely solely on your personal network, job fairs, and interview skills, even though each of these are critically important to the process. Today, you have to think outside the box and take advantage of each opportunity […]

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How an Employment Specialist Helps You Find a Job

Today’s job market is competitive and if you’re looking for employment or seeking a better position, you’ll want to make the best possible impression in order to stand out from your competition. At Goodwill Job Connection, we’ll help you do just that. Our employment specialists will work with you free of charge on everything from […]

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