How to Keep Your Job after Seasonal Hiring by Heiko Junge & Paul Langdon

Many stores get busy before the holidays, and need to hire seasonal workers, but then don’t need them when the season ends. Thus, the workers they hire are called ‘Seasonal Workers.’ How can you be one of the employees they keep after it slows down? Here are some tips.
Show them you can work hard, and with a positive attitude. Compliment the boss and company, the more profound the compliment the better. You can Google the company name with the word, ‘reviews’ and find reviews on Yelp, Google,, Glassdoor, etc. Ask the longer term employees for advice, this shows respect. By the way, if you do these things just mentioned, that’s how you make friends. Show up to work on time, every time. Be available to work any shifts, any schedule (once you have seniority, you can ask for better schedules). You can also offer to help in other departments, and diversify your skills and experience. Offer to cover other people’s shifts and be a team player. Take initiative, and don’t just do what you’re told. If this doesn’t work, most of these things look good on your new resume!

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  1. Leann I Hafner November 13, 2016 at 6:28 am #

    I am 60 years old, disabled and on ssi. I was wondering if you are hiring for season al help. I can only work 4 hrs a few times a week, but would love to earn extra Xmas money.I do have limitationz

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