How to Be Successful in Your Job Search by Maggie Mashia and DeDe Myers

• Make a plan. Set a schedule to do job search and complete applications. Do you prefer paper or electronic calendars?
These are great ways to stay on task; use any method that works for you to accomplish your schedule.

• Make job searching a daily routine. Incorporate it in your day to day activities as if you are going to work.
Start each day at the same time (8am) and follow your schedule for the day. The key to landing a job is persistence!

•Follow up with prospective employers, regarding the applications you have submitted.
Keep a list of where you have applied, the dates and contact person as well as job title applied for. This way, you will be ready when they call to invite you to an interview!

• Integrate job search in your lifestyle until it feels natural…just like tying your shoes! Maintaining a routine will keep you on track and reduce job search anxiety.

• Watch out for distractions, i.e. (especially in interview!)
o Cell phone calls
o Other tasks
o Getting off track and delaying getting back days or a week out.

• Be patient. Keep an optimistic and positive attitude.

Remember to feel good about yourself; let those feelings radiate!

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