When is the best time in my life to make a career change?

by Gary Edwards–

The State of Oregon Employment Research Department says that wherever you live in Oregon you will hit the lowest rate of employment in over 20 years. Employment growth in Oregon is 1% faster than the total US as a whole. Some of the growth industries are food, beverage, manufacturing, software and agriculture.
The current unemployment rate for the past two months stands steady at 4.5.
Hmmmm…Timing might be good but can I make more money now??
The median wage rose .33 per hour to 17.55 per hour. The fastest growth income was with those making $60 per hour but I am not at that level yet. The State just reported that middle wage jobs slowed and those making less than $10 declined.
Hmmmm…. I am in the middle wage area so income is slowing.
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